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    Business and politics do not mix

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    Business is a great important thing. What a pity that it is being given such a bad name.
    Businessmen are generally hardworking, honest persons that create wealth by providing us with goods and services and they do this candidly and with great dedication. 
    Businessmen as human beings are lucky that they get fulfilment from what they do – they come up with great ideas that involve risk; they invest money in researching ideas and in innovation. They take big decisions. They have insight and they are brave. We call this entrepreneurship. The values of these businessmen make the world go around. They set up businesses, employ bright people as executives and managers, they employ others to do the more repetitive work. They disseminate values of challenging work, enterprise, and creativity. 
    What a pity that business is being given a bad name.
    A few businessmen use their imagination and energy to avoid paying tax.  They justify this by saying that they are very disappointed by how elected governments misspend the tax revenue, and waste it in needless red-tape, unproductive bureaucracy, excessive regulation, underemployed staff in government ministries and departments, unmotivated civil servants, and buckets full of duplication. Other so-called businessmen corrupt government functionaries and politicians to be awarded contracts or to resolve their illicit activities. They ruin their own reputation and of those around them and of their community and sometimes their country. Corruption and fraud can never be justified. Business and party politics do not mix well. Better if they do not mix at all. Businessman make bad politicians (we have several examples) and politicians rarely make honest businessmen.  Deal with politicians through the democratic process by voting parties in or out if you believe in the person’s honesty and integrity. Listen carefully to what they say, and watch closely what they do. Examine their character more than their personality.  
    At the end, a businessman or a politician is a human person, and it all boils down on the upbringing and education of the person who ventures into business or into politics.  Watch out carefully the person’s moral character reflecting the upbringing at home and at school and university. Follow what is going on and take a decision.