In an exclusive interview journalist John Sweeney said that free speech, democracy and the rule of law are currently under attack and that it is the job of the ‘trouble-making’ journalists that do their job without fail that are the defenders of these paramount rights.

Talking to Fr. Joe Borg on Newsline on RTK103FM, Sweeney also referred to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat as a slippery individual and that is why he had previously called him ‘artful dodger’. He said that the Prime Minister has left key government people in their places even when evidence proved that they have been involved with the Panama Papers scandal.

When asked about Minister Chris Cardona, John Sweeney said that he finds it troubling that even though Cardona has some serious questions to answer in light of the recent report published by the Daphne Project he is still in office. He also said that Cardona’s libel case forfeit against the assassinated journalist leaves a lot of doubt into most people’s minds.

John Sweeney will be in Malta on Tuesday. He will join a number of Maltese and Foreign journalists to commemorate the first anniversary of the assassination of the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia were he is also scheduled to deliver a speech.