Mario Attard, Eleanor Cassar, and Mark Cassar are three of many people who have had their lives transformed by Caritas Malta when they needed help the most, also becoming volunteers. The three people spoke about their story with Caritas during the Mass celebrating 50 years since it’s foundation in Malta.

Mario Attard spoke about how 40 years ago, when he was 22 years-old, he started volunteering with Caritas despite not being religiously inclined. He said that the organisation filled a void which ultimately led to the organisation changing his life, formulating his character, altering his priorities, and making him more ready to do good for others. He also reiterated the words of Mgr. Victor Grech “be courageous, persevere and live in the present. Leave all problems and difficulties in the hands of the Lord.”

Eleanor Cassar, who works as a psychotherapist with Caritas Malta said that they are a family. She said that, just like everyone else, she also had a number of difficulties in her life with moments where she lost faith. However, she managed to overcome these obstacles and after finishing her studies, she contacted Caritas. Cassar encouraged all those who need help to not be afraid to take that first step because usually, the majority of people who do end up finding peace, happiness, others who will walk hand in hand with them, as well as love for life.

Mark Cassar, who used Caritas’ services to help deal with drug addiction spoke about how he is currently working with them to help others going through difficult times. He added that the organisation never stops giving, in fact, it taught him how to appreciate and be grateful for what he has.

Additionally, in a letter to commemorate the occasion, Pope Francis gave his pastoral blessing to Caritas Malta so that they may continue their work, while also congratulating the organisation’s dedication and work within the Maltese community.