During the thanksgiving mass to mark the 50th anniversary from the founding of Caritas Malta, Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that his words would be senseless without their work.

In his homily, the Archbishop stressed on the need to promote the work of this useful entity that is Caritas. He said that with its flexibility and long-sightedness has adapted to the needs and new poverty that we are being faced with. He also talked about solitude, drug abuse, loan sharking, the difficulties that split up couple encounter and counselling services.  He said that people finding themselves in difficulty found various sources of help from Caritas.

Mons. Scicluna thanked the Maltese authorities who have always supported and believed in the organisation throughout its fifty years of work. He also thanked Mons. Victor Grech, and decribed him as not just a man and a priest and a patriarch.

Caritas sees persons not case numbers and costs

Archbishop Scicluna stressed that caritas is synonymous with love and was a word used by John the Evangelist to describe God and God is love. Mons. Scicluna also addressed the young people present during the celebration when he told them that during their experience at Caritas they will not be a number or a burden. He told them that they are priceless because they are beloved.

Is sucess measured financially?

Mons. Scicluna also said that one has to humbly and honestly as oneself if success is to be measured by putting a price for everything and everyone. He said that God is not pleased with such behaviour as human dignity is more than that.

The Archbishop also referred to the words of Pope Francis on discardable culture were objects and people alike are useful only on the short-term before being disposed of.

Co-celebrating the thanksgiving mass with the Archbishop at St.John’s co-Cathedral were also Apostolic Nunzio Alessandro D’Errica nd Archbishop Emeritus Pawlu Cremona with a number of priest that have served Caritas in the past years. President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and high authorities were also present.