Malta Clean Up’s Camilla Appelgren will be running as an MEP candidate for the Partit Demokratiku. Her priorities include Climate Change, the global plastic problem, ensuring a green economic revolution, “and getting the best possible deal as a centre for innovation”.

In a statement, the PD explained that Appelgren organised a national clean-up mobilising hundreds of people across Malta,a s well as being an educator to the public regarding the dangers of single-use plastics. She believed that “Malta can prove to Europe that change is possible to save our planet, and Malta can lead the way as the very best.”

The environmentalist explained that, “My love for Malta is endless, and it became clear to me that as long as the policies and legislation being made aren’t working in the long-term and best interests of the people, then the work of activists is only getting harder and our effort won’t keep having the effect it could have.”

Appelgren called for the public to join her in a political movement “because a single person can move mountains if they believe it. Imagine what a lot of people like that can achieve together.”