DOI - Jason Borg

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat advised the House of Representatives Wednesday afternoon that while clients’ accounts remained safe, the cyber attack involved the transferring of some €13 million in Euros and US Dollars to other banks and accounts. He said that Bank of Valletta is investigating the issue and it is in everyone’s interest to help and expedite closure in this matter given that the bank’s downtime is not helpful to the economy.

The Statement about BOV was made in the light of the fact that “the bank is a main one.” This following a statement by the bank earlier today saying that it is working close to local and international Police to investigate who was behind a cyber-attack on the bank’s system.

The BOV has temporarily suspended its operations, including closing all branches in Malta and Gozo, after a cyber-attack on its system. The website is also unavailable.

Updated: Clients safe but services remain suspended as BOV investigates cyberattack

The Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia said that speed in this matter is not a priority. In his questions to the Prime Minister, Delia asked if there is a problem with the bank’s system itself, in order to avoid repetition of the same problem.

He asked if the Government has any information regarding whether money or confidential information was taken from the Bank. Delia explained that he was pressing the issue in order to put clients’ minds at ease, reiterating the issue of speed.

The Prime Minster acknowledged the spirit of cooperation. He explained that he felt he needed to make a Ministerial Statement since the involved bank has a direct impact on Maltese economy.