Arnold Cassola has resigned from the Alternattiva Demokratika after 30 years after a feud in recent days regarding MEP Candidate Mina Tolu’s position on abortion led to the publishing of emails between himself and Chairman Carmel Cacopardo. Cacopardo, on the other hand, said that Cassola is “living an illusion” if he thinks the AD disagree with him on abortion.

In his resignation letter addressed to Cacopardo, Cassola said that there are clear differences between himself and the Executive Committee regarding the issue of abortion. “As I said,” explained Cassola, “I am totally against abortion except in cases where the life and health of the mother are in danger.”

‘Abortion issue deserved internal discussion before publishing’ – Cacopardo

The former Chairman said that this is why it would be better for the AD to “be free to take decisions without the obstacles of my minority position”. He concluded the brief letter by “sadly” submitting his official resignation from the party after 30 years.

Cassola ended saying that he will carry on his political journey alone.

“Arnold is living an illusion” – Cacopardo

In a public reply to Cassola’s resignation letter, AD Chairman Carmel Cacopardo said that the newly resigned AD veteran “is living an illusion”. He went on to explain that it is not true that there is a difference in the party’s position on abortion, but rather Cassola “found it difficult to accept that we encourage public discussion on the matter”.

Cacopardo insisted that the AD was and still is against abortion, and everyone is annoyed that Cassola made it seem like this was not the case. “It is unfortunate that Cassola took this attitude: an obvious reflection of the great fear and the taboo that there is surrounding this issue,” said the Chairman.

He insisted that the only way to fight taboo “is with more information and discussion”, wherein people will then fully understand and be able to come to their own decisions. Cacopardo pointed out that, after all, abortion is a real issue and the incidence of Maltese people turning to the option “is as large as in every European country”.