Alternattiva Demokratika has said that a lack of infrastructure and alternative means of transport to access the university, have resulted in the current parking problems.

James Gabarretta, AD spokesperson on the urban environment and Naxxar Local Council candidate said that although KSU was not responsible for the current situation, the student organization had found themselves dealing with the symptom.

But, they state KSU should’ve been encouraging alternatives means of transport, ‘Using the track as a parking space just does not cut it.’, they said.

Right now, they state that, ‘If parking were the problem, this would still not be the appropriate solution. But, parking is not the core problem here. It is rather the symptom caused by the lack of infrastructure for effective and safe use of alternative modes of transport. This is the problem caused by our over dependence on cars. This is even more apparent in the congested areas, like those around the University.’ Gabarretta said.

MEP Candidate, Mina Tolu, added to the discussion, ‘Public areas that allow for safe exercise far from cars are few in Malta. And the movement of cars to access this parking at the track poses a danger to those, including athletes and recreational runners, who use the track. We are afraid that measures like these will only further discourage people from exercising.’