ADHD Malta

ADHD Malta launched a petition addressed to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat calling on the Government to stop “messing around” and provide effective ADHD medication through the Pharmacy of Your Choice Scheme.

In its petition ADHD Malta states that “playing around with medication is not an option for us as many children take medication and need it to do better in school and at home. The lack of medication can have serious repercussions.”

Answering a February Parliamentary question by Dr Simon Busuttil, Minister Fearne confirmed that 38 persons had asked the Department to keep on receiving the branded medicine instead of the generic one which is now being provided by Government.

Generic medicine is not working – professional spoke to a professional to check the claims of ADHD Malta. Speaking to us on the condition of anonymity he confirmed that the generic medicine is not working. He also said that  government is probably scared that if it starts again giving the branded medicine instead of the generic the agent for the generic could sue government because of the fact that on paper it should be bioequivalent.

The consequence of all this was told is that “in the meantime people try to buy the branded medicine but do not effectively have that option in Malta as it went out of stock and it will only come in June. Some people are now without medications.”

Children are suffering – ADHD Malta

The association also states that the generic medicine now being provided by government instead of the medicine originally provided is not working. The members of the association who  are mainly parents of children suffering from ADHD say that as a consequence their children are suffering unnecessarily.

The same parents point out that some individuals are having to purchase “the better medication” which government stopped providing. They have to do this, they said, “to ensure that their loved ones do as well as they possibly could.”

Without medication weeks on end – ADHD Malta

Besides the pain for their children the association says that this situation is “resulting in extra expenses and even out of stock situations where individuals are left without medication for weeks on end!”

ADHD Malta considers this as “unacceptable and very serious as negative effects from this are resulting in some people having adverse effects or having to increase the dose of their medication.”

The association insists that “providing ADHDers with the proper medication at all times will ensure a better quality of life for the individuals, their families and their immediate surroundings, like schools and places of employment.”

Matter raised in Parliament

Dr Simon Busuttil in February asked the Minister for Health Dr Chris Fearne whether there were ADHD patients who asked that they continue to be given the branded medicine MethylPhenidate modified release produced by Concerta instead of the generic one that has now been introduced.

Minister Fearne confirmed that the department received 38 such requests . Ten requests were made by adults and 18 by persons under 18 years of age. Fearne said that that these requests are being evaluated. He added that the generic medicine is considered to be bioequivalent to the branded one and that the generic medicine was not withdrawn from the market in European countries.

One can access the petition from here