ADHD Malta President Pamela Muscat said that those affected with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) were not given the option to choose which medicine to get through the Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC) scheme, and ended having to make use of a generic medicine which was proving to be ineffective.

Muscat was interviewed by Fr Joe Borg during Follow Up, a radio programme aired on RTK 103FM on Monday, following an article in which the claims made by ADHD Malta were confirmed by a medical specialist. The non-governmental organisation is currently petitioning the government after the generic medicine which was made available was found to be ineffective.

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Muscat explained that over the past six months or so, many had no option left but to buy their own medicine as the short-acting generic medicine provided through POYC had no effect on the individuals with ADHD.

Muscat explained that long-acting ADHD medicine did not require one to take their medicines every three or four hours, saying that sometimes it is difficult is one is still in school and would require a nurse to administer the medicine.

When asked whether the medicine which is now available through POYC has had any negative effects, Muscat replied that she knew of cases where people got really depressed and had to stop the medicine, others on the other hand increased the dose because of its ineffectiveness. She underlined however, that not everyone was affected in the same manner.

Out of stock

The agent has ran out of Concerta, the medicine which is used to treat ADHD and was previously available through POYC. Muscat said that the agent could never have imagined that many would opt for buying their own medicine over accessing the generic one freely. However the new stock is expected only in June as each batch is required to be specifically manufactured for the country importing it, Muscat pointed out.

The NGO president said that the long-acting medicine is expensive, especially in cases when more than one family member has ADHD.

Petitioning the Prime Minister

ADHD Malta launched a petition addressed to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat calling on the Government to stop “messing around” and provide effective ADHD medication through the Pharmacy of Your Choice Scheme.

In its petition ADHD Malta states that “playing around with medication is not an option for us as many children take medication and need it to do better in school and at home. The lack of medication can have serious repercussions.”

One can access the petition from here