Updated – 18.10

A police spokesperson has informed Newsbook.com.mt that a 3 year old child and a baby of a few months old were among those caught in the incident earlier today.

All of those involved in the collision are reported to be slightly injured.

Women and children in Gozo General after 3 car collision in Għarb

A collision has taken place between three vehicles in Għarb, Gozo. Two women and some children have been taken to Gozo General Hospital.

A police spokesperson confirmed to Newsbook.com.mt that the incident took place at around 2PM this afternoon.

The first vehicle was understood to have been driven by a 36 year old man from Għarb. His wife of 29 years old and their children were passengers. The second vehicle is understood to have been driven by a 56 year old person from Għajnsielem. The third vehicle was driven by a woman of 31 years old from Għajnsielem. She was taken to hospital.

The conditions of the victims are still not known.