Earlier in July, 70 digital health enthusiasts from different fields: law, medicine, business development consultants, pharmacists, university researchers and university students, convened for a networking conference. The 5th Networking Event on 4th July 2019 was organised by Digital Health Malta in close collaboration with Frontiers Health .

Digital Health co-Founder Dr Stefan Buttigieg shared with Newsbook.com.mt his opinion that the event is gaining traction and that it is helping in the formation of increasing awareness of the help which digitisation can give to the various aspects of the medical profession.

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Two Maltese Digital Health Startups, ‘Pharmacy.com.mt’ and ‘Texting Panda’ pitched their solutions during the event and were awarded an entrance to the international Frontiers Health Conference happening 13th to 15th November in Berlin.

The event was headlined by keynote speaker, Gerry Chillè, General Partner at Healthware Labs, the innovation consultancy branch of Healthware International specialized in co-developing disease prevention, and improved outcomes solutions with the world’s largest network of digital therapeutic startups.

Gerry Chillè said that he could foresee a near future where the “Consumerization of health had arrived to smartphones and watches, quickly evolving in the future of personal health platforms … Data from smartwatches is allowing to do things that we were never been able to do before”. In an increasingly digitised world, the value of human interaction has risen, as users increasingly appreciate the personal touch at the key moments in any user experience. “Placing the customer instead of the product as the central focus of the business strategy, is key in defining and adding value to existing products and creating new value with the creation of new products and services” said Gerry Chillè

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Simon Attard, Engineering Director, Babylon Health predicted four healthcare challenges “…Accessibility, Affordability (Efficiency), Accuracy and Ability to focus on prevention rather than cure”. He emphasised the need for digital products with a user focus, also underlining just how far, how swiftly and how unobtrusively the digitisation of the medical world was gaining ground. “If 10 years ago you would say that you can talk to your doctor through a video call, people wouldn’t believe you but now we have major healthcare systems that are using these systems, there are 1000s of patients who are switching from physical visits to virtual visits and they rate it very highly” noted Simon Attard.