‘We have had enough’ say Hungarians rallying against PM Orban

20/01/2019, 8:15 am
Several thousand Hungarians demonstrated in Budapest on Saturday against Prime Minister Viktor Orban and a new overtime law that has drawn workers out to...

‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ to get star billing in weekend lunar eclipse

19/01/2019, 8:37 pm
Look up into the night sky on Sunday and - if it is clear - you may witness the so-called "Super Blood Wolf Moon"...

Sea-Watch 3 rescues 47 migrants; 8 unaccompanied minors

19/01/2019, 6:17 pm
The search and rescue vessel Sea-Watch 3 saved 47 migrants from drowning, including eight unaccompanied minors. In a statement, Sea-Watch said that less than 24...

Spanish rescuers to start drilling for boy trapped in well

19/01/2019, 1:53 pm
Rescuers in southern Spain worked through the night as efforts to reach a two-year-old boy trapped in a deep well since Sunday entered a...

Mexican pipeline blast during fuel raid kills at least 21

19/01/2019, 8:59 am
At least 21 people were killed and 71 were injured on Friday when a pipeline ruptured by suspected fuel thieves exploded in central Mexico...

Australian minister for women to quit politics at election

19/01/2019, 6:35 am
Australia's Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer said on Saturday she will quit politics for personal reasons at this year's election, adding to the list...

Ten-year old Chilean teaches star gazing to classmates

18/01/2019, 9:18 pm
Ten-year old Ricardo Barriga's backyard in Pirque, Chile is strewn with a blow-up unicorn, pool toys, a soccer ball and a $3,000 telescope that...

Thousands walk with coffin of murdered Polish mayor

18/01/2019, 8:00 pm
Carrying flags and candles in cold streets, thousands of Poles walked on Friday beside the coffin of Gdansk's former mayor Pawel Adamowicz who was...

Man sets himself ablaze in central Prague square

18/01/2019, 7:00 pm
A man set himself on fire in a central Prague square on Friday as Czechs marked the 50th anniversary of a student's self-immolation in...

Oslo stabbing investigated as terrorist attack – police

18/01/2019, 5:00 pm
A knife attack in a supermarket in Oslo is being investigated as a possible act of terrorism, the head of the Norwegian police's security...