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    Destroying beauty for cursed money

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    Archbishop Charles Scicluna deserves to be congratulated for expressing and articulating the disgust many of us citizens feel when we see the destruction of our environmental, cultural and architectural heritage. He is so right in saying that “money made out of the destruction of beauty is cursed money”.

    ‘Money made out of beauty’s destruction is cursed’ – Archbishop

    Sometimes, I think about how people a hundred years from now will judge our generation. I shudder at the thought that we shall probably be remembered as the generation of Maltese who remained to a large extent apathetic while the beauty of their country was destroyed around them.

    It is time to stand up to unscrupulous developers and other businessmen whose only interest is making money, even when this entails the uglification of Malta and severe negative repercussions for many people. We have to ask ourselves how we have come to a point where big business has so much political power in Malta. We have to stop being fatalistic and saying that nothing can be done about this serious problem because both major political parties want to please big business for obvious reasons. No, all citizens should voice their disapproval whenever a developer destroys a garden to build a block of flats; whenever abuses result in the total destruction of historical buildings or their being damaged; whenever a proposed development project destroys the cultural characteristics of a town or village; whenever development means adding hardship to the lives of citizens, especially the old and infirm.

    We have reduced parts of our country to a place of cranes, noise, dust and ugly concrete buildings. It was once a clean country full of greenery, with beautiful historic houses and gardens and which exuded peace and tranquility. All this so that a few people can fill their pockets with money at ordinary people’s expense!

    Stand up and be counted! – Publicly oppose all unscrupulous development.

    Desmond Zammit Marmarà is a Balzan Labour councillor